Perfection Doesn’t Exist


doesn’t exist

don’t expect me to be perfect 

don’t come to me

with your preconceptions of what you would like me to be

I’m human

I make mistakes like everyone else 

The question is

Can you love me through my mistakes? 

Embrace me through my imperfections 

as I strive to be my best and give my best 

Even then, I will make mistakes

when I do

I hope you will accept my apology 

Remember I’m not perfect

I will make mistakes

it is through my mistakes I will learn  


don’t expect me to be perfect

I’m far from 

I will make mistakes 

but I will learn from them

By: Natalee Antoinette (NAJ)

Published by passion4dreamsinc

Passion 4 Dreams provides services, resources, events and workshops that empower and build stronger communities.

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