How do you view the challenges you experience?

It doesn’t matter who we are, at some point in our lives, we will all encounter challenges. We all go through situations that are sometimes beyond our control. As I think about my own challenges, I think about my circle of influence and circle of control. What I can control is within my circle of influence. I am aware that as I encounter challenges, it is how I respond to the challenges I experience. The response to the challenges we encounter are critical. How we respond is important but what I have learned, is that I do not need to through life challenges on our own. 

The challenges, I have may not be the same challenges you experience, because we are all different and encounter different things. However, one thing, I have learned over the many years, is that through our challenges, we can further develop. Sometimes, our challenges taste like a tangy and acidic unripen grapefruit. Sometimes, we question why we are going through certain situations, and ask questions such as: “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” In reality, we don’t have to do anything, to experience challenges. Just take a moment, reflect on one challenge you have experienced in the past, reflect on how that challenge helped you further develop. 

Personally and professionally, I have experienced many challenges, and as I reflect on where I am today and who I am, I can say that these challenges helped me to develop character. I learned to appreciate life and to be be contempt with what I have. I also found and still find it helpful to connect with people who are encouraging. Those in my networks were able to empower me, check in on me, and remind me to hold on. Positive words go a long way, and it is important that we surround ourselves with positive people. It doesn’t matter who we are, like I said, at some point in our lives, we will all face challenges and we will all need support to get through our challenges. 

I want to encourage you, that as you experience challenges, in your own life, do not get discouraged. Find someone that you can speak with. Find a support group. I learned that I don’t have to face all my challenges by myself. There are even moments in our life, where we may lose hope, and others in our networks can encourage us. The challenges I encounter, will not be the same challenge as you encounter. We will all experience some sort of challenge, and when we do, you need to remember that our challenges don’t last forever, but instead, we can learn from what we are going through and we can also connect with others that can encourage us.

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