Trauma –

We can no longer practice the same way we did prior to the pandemic. Whether a pastor, teacher, social services worker, mental health practitioner, youth worker, community support worker, the list goes on and on. We must practiced from a trauma-informed lens. This includes Trauma-Informed Care (TIC), Trauma-Informed Practice (TIP). To share, some forms of trauma are:
– Developmental trauma
– Inter-generational trauma
– Historical trauma
– System induced trauma (e.g., youth incarceration, invasive medical treatments)
– Vicarious trauma/secondary trauma
– Collective trauma
– Acute/Chronic Trauma

For Mental Health Awareness Month, I raise awareness as it relates to the importance of practicing from a trauma-informed lens. As practitioners and community leaders, we cannot do things the way we used to because our actions can and will retraumatize people who have experienced and are experiencing trauma. We must unlearn to relearn, to better serve and understand the people we support while considering intersectionalities and practicing from a strength-based approach.

“Trauma is in the nervous system, not in the event.” – Peter Levine

Therefore, our nervous system can change based on events we experience. Every person is different, and sometimes we have trauma ourselves, and we are unaware because we just haven’t been taught. We need to normalize conversations to address issues. From a Christian perspective and my personal opinion, we cannot just tell people to pray, and things will get better. People also need acceess to wrap around support, therefore, when in position of influences and leadership, sometimes, if not all the times, we have to address the whole development of a person (e.g., spiritually, cognitively, physical) – mind, body and spirit. The reality is that the events we experience do affect our brain and can change our thought patterns.

References: CAMH, The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, Trauma-Informed Practice Resource – Government of British Columbia

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