Finding Your Rainbow in 2020

Niagara Falls August 2002 by Naj Writings – Natalee A. Johnson

Like many people, I also started 2020 by making a list of goals and planned three Vision Board parties from the months of January 2020 to March 2020. The March Vision Board party was canceled due to the pandemic and the rental facility closing. For so many of us, we are unsure of what the remainder of 2020 will be like. To be honest, no one knows. We can only hope for the best. If we are honest with ourselves, many of us, will admit, 2020 has not been the best year so far. Take for instance, my example, although I run a small business Passion 4 Dreams Inc. I started a part-time job in January in hopes of paying for my student loans. Well, that part-time job laid people off, including myself. I had to revisit my goals to pay my student loans off based on my deadline. I also had to find alternatives options for the part-time job that I was now laid off on. I did all my calculations in January and had a great plan to tackle this student loan. Higher education comes with a cost, as we all know. What I decided to do, is focus more on my small business Passion 4 Dreams Inc. and begin a plan for online delivery of services. I had no choice, because the part-time job, I thought I had secure, was not secure due to Covid-19. However, I became highly creative and researched what I could do for my small business. This is my example, as I said, I planned everything out Jan.2020 but things did not go as I planned. I had to look at other options and be flexible.

I know 2020 has not been the greatest year for many of us. I have decided to try and make the best out of what 2020 has given me and I hope you will too. I have been focusing on all the positive things in my life. This picture reminds me, that if we look deep enough, even in our situations, we can find rainbows. I do not know what your 2020 has been like thus far but maybe you had plans like I did. Every year I go through my goals and revise, and cross out what I have achieved. This year is a bit different, I have committed to learning as much as I can as it relates to business, financial education and reading books of different genre, as well focus more on my writing. I do not know what is next in 2020 and neither do you. There has been a shift and the shift will continue. The pandemic has brought on many challenges. But what will w do to make the best of 2020? There has been wins and possible more disappointments than we bargained for in 2020.

If anything, I have learned, is that there is only so much that we can control when it comes to the universe. For some of us, we made many new years resolutions. We made a few goals and revised the other goals we were working on. However, things have slowed down. Some of us are not working, while others are working from home. We have learned that even our careers can and are temporary based on situations beyond our control. It has been a year. Unprecedented times for many of us, with uncertainties. I want to encourage you, do not give up. Whatever your dreams and goals were for 2020, you may have to revise them, and that is okay, do so. But do not give up. Keep on pushing forward. Have hope, walk in faith, and expect only the best. While your doing that, encourage others in your networks and be encouraged yourself.

Our lives have changed due to the pandemic. Our routines have changed. Our mindsets have changed. We have learned that we can plan, and planning is good, but things do happen, that is beyond our control. We cannot do much, but we can control our thoughts, actions, and behaviors and how we respond to situations. Here are a few tips to manage through 2020:

  1. Continue to be responsible and practice social distancing
  2. Think positive thoughts
  3. Be grateful for what you have and show gratitude daily
  4. Encourage others in your networks
  5. Ensure you are around others that can encourage you during this time
  6. Do not give up on your goals and dreams, revise them if you must, but don’t give up
  7. Focus on what you can control and not what you cannot control
  8. Make it a habit to find something to smile about
  9. Be intentional in what you do
  10. Declutter

Find the rainbows in your situations. Going forward let us focus on what we can control today. Remember 2020 has been a year of uncertainties but continue to have hope, walk in faith, and do not give up on your goals and dreams. Think positive thoughts. Be positive and find the great things in life to celebrate. – Naj Writings. © 2020. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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